Make no mistake, tornado chasing is a dangerous passion for many meteorologists and researchers. However, they are not the only people who have a passion for scientific discovers as it relates to the weather. People who reside in the famed “tornado alley” region of the United States often experience some of the most wicked weather found anywhere on the earth. This region of the Midwest provides the perfect opportunity for violent weather to erupt, and the people who live in this region are on the front lines.

            Citizen scientists who participate in the study of tornado activities often out their lives in danger for the sake of discovery. In many cases it is not a citizens choice, however. Some people people who live in the area enjoy chasing tornados in order to gather data for researchers. These people often follow a storm with a radar which indicates the potential for a tornado to form. Citizen storm chasers then record wind speed, direction and other factors, and they relay this information to the National Weather Center.

            When the power is cut off due to severe weather, news stations must rely on reports which come from the effected areas. This is a time when a citizen scientist becomes most useful. Damage assessments as well as the direction of the tornado can be relayed by these scientists to emergency responders and researchers. This allows an adequate warning system to be developed so that future lives can be saved. The information which is gathered can lead to advancements in building construction and safety measures for schools and other buildings.

            Storm cellars are common in the Midwest and other regions of the world that experience tornados. The key to their effectiveness, however, comes from the reports of citizen scientists who have experienced them. There is a wealth of information which can be produced from a particularly violent storm. For example, some citizen scientists have reported that the construction of a storm cellar is not enough to prevent the loss of life. The structural integrity of a building must also be taken into account in order to protect people from dangerous weather conditions. This means that developers must be willing to change they build structures as well.

            Many citizen storm chasers learn about the destructive power of wind when they place wind instruments outside of their car during a storm chasing sequence. The recorded wind speeds are then relayed to researchers who track the direction that a tornado takes. This allows people in its path to be alerted to the danger before the storm bears down on them. The importance of citizen scientists should never be underestimated. They are often right in the middle of the action, and they put themselves at risk in the name of scientific discovery. They will continue to be an important part of tornado studies. 

Dance has been around for ages. From the people of the ancient world to modern dancers who grace the stage, dance has not only been a form of art, but also is a form of self-expression and an outlet for creativity.

There are a lot of places in the world where you can learn dance classes NYC: hiphop and salsa, but one of the best places to learn this highly appreciated art is in New York City. New York is chosen as a venue for a lot of concerts and theater related super events all year long. Because of the popularity of these events in the city, a lot of dancers are usually hired in order to liven up the stage and provide proper support to the main artists. In events like those related to ballet for example, the dancers are the ones who take center stage.

This high demand for dancers in the city has caused a lot of dance studios to pop up and share the art to everybody interested. If you want to be well versed in a certain form of dance, then you should be able to get great instruction here in New York.

Of the many forms of dance that is sought after nowadays, hip-hop is probably one of the most visible dance styles, making it one of the more popular ones as well. Hip –Hop dance is all over the media. Thanks to the popularity of pop and hip-hop music, it is quite common that you will see hip-hop dance in music videos, live concerts, TV shows and many more. If you want to learn Hip-Hop dance in New York, then R.i.S.E. Dance Company offers a Hip Hop Basics session in their Chelsea Studios. With this session,  you get to learn the basic steps of the dance, the proper warm ups and stretches necessary for you to start dancing, as well as get to try out some of the stylish moves and tricks that you usually see on TV. This basic lesson should allow you to gauge if hip-hop is the right dance style for you.

If you are interested in dance forms that originate from other countries and cultures then you will want to give the Latin Dances a try. Out of the myriad of dance styles that fall under this category, Salsa is one that stands out as being the most popular.

Salsa is one of the more energetic of the Latin Dances. It involves quick and snappy moves combined with some sensual sways and swings along with your partner. This type of dance is not easy, but starting out with R.i.S.E. Dance Company’s salsa basics will surely bring you up to speed with the moves of this very sexy form of dance. In this session, you get to do inside and outside turns, spinning, practice your footwork and many more.

These are just 2 of the many dance styles that you could learn in New York City. A quick search online will surely  lead  you to many other dance studios and schools that will have information on the specific dance styles that you might be interested in.

Photography has been around for a very long time. In the past, it was only appreciated by a small number of people, most likely because of the high cost of buying a camera, as well as the maintaining costs that you will have to pay for when using them like for film, maintenance repairs and many more. Nowadays however, there is a renewed and strong surge of interest in photography. This is most likely thanks to cameras being digital, which negates some of the limitations that older cameras had. Cameras nowadays are also more affordable and portable. It also helps that almost all mobile phones and smart phones feature a camera function of some sort.

Because of the widespread use of cameras, as well as the impact that images have on social media and socialization, a lot of people are interested in getting proper photography classes NYC in order for them to gain more insight on how to properly take pictures, and gain the skills necessary in order to fully utilize the capabilities that modern, powerful cameras have to offer.

If you have a passion for photography and are currently staying in the city of New York, or maybe you plan on going to the city for an extended vacation, then you will surely have a lot of opportunities to advance your photography skills in this awesome city.

Thanks to New York being a center of art, fashion and business, there are a lot of professional photographers that have called the city their home. Because of this, it is not unusual that there is workshops f or professional photographers or photography enthusiasts that happen every now and then. The highly skilled and experienced photographer’s invaluable tips and lessons, combined with the many possible photography subjects that the city offers including architecture, fashion and many more makes for a truly amazing photography experience that will surely enhance your skills as a photographer.

If you are just a beginner though then do not worry as you are not left out. There are also numerous photography classes that are aimed at those who are just starting out, and there are also a lot of photo walks and workshops that are suited for the casual photographer.

One of the best times to take pictures of the city is at night, where the streets and the various sky scrapers light up and give a truly dazzling glow to the city. Make the most of this time and capture the various bright lights off New York with the NYC Photo Tour. The tour takes you through the city’s most popular landmarks at night, and if you thought the city looks beautiful at day time, wait til you see it when it gets dark. This is a photo tour that is perfect for both beginner and professional photographers alike.

Central Park is also one of the best places to take pictures of in New York, due to its location as a green, lush and serene place smack in the middle of a busy city. Go on a Central Park Photo tour that will allow you to go with other photographers in order to capture the beauty and calmness that Central Park offers to the city’s residents.

Wine tasting is a truly special interest or hobby for a lot of people. This special appreciation of all things wine has been around for centuries, and still is practiced to day. While definitely popular, this hobby is not that accessible to everyone. Wine can be quite expensive, especially those that have already aged a lot, which is probably one of the many reasons why not too many people are into this. It could also be because of the fact that a lot of patience and experience is required in order for a person to be able to detect the little details in the taste and texture of wine, making it a hobby only to those who are truly passionate about it.

If you are transferring to New York City, or maybe want to visit the city and see how the wine tasting scene is then you will surely not have a problem. There are a lot of wine enthusiasts in New York and this can be evidenced by the many wind tasting events that happen on different parts of the city on a regular basis.

If you have tasted out a number of different wine types and you are currently interested in learning more about them as well as tasting what the different properties that different types of wine have, then you can go too one of the many wine tasting sessions and lessons that wineries and restaurants offer.

If you are totally oblivious to wine tasting, but you have heard about it and are interested in experiencing it, then Wine 101 by New York Vintners is a great starting point for you. This 2 hour session will have you learning about the different properties of wine as well as the different aroma, taste and textures of various types of wine like red, white and sparkling wine. With this session, you should be able to pick which kind of wine suits your taste, as well as learn the types of food that best go with your choice of wine. You can visit our site in here for more details and knowledge

If you already have some experience when it comes to wine tasting and you are looking to further your knowledge of it then the California vs France wine tasting session of Vino-Versity should pique your interest. There has been a lot of debate as to which type of wine is better: the classic French wine or the more popular and widely consumed California wine. Through this wine tasting, you should be able to test both popular wine types side by side, allowing you to decide for yourself which of the two is the winner for your palate.

Wine is not only about its flavor or appearance, but is also about what food you will pair it with. Snack Food and Wine Pairing sessions by Vino-Versity will definitely help you with that. The session focuses on what types of food go with certain types of wine, allowing you to fully enjoy the flavors that your favored wine has in store for your discerning tastes.

So if wine is your passion, then you will surely have a lot of chances to share this passion of yours with others in New York City.