Buying Gifts

When it comes to buying gifts for people, it isn’t always as easy as we would like it to be as we never what to buy that would be appropriate and useful. Plus of course in many cases we do not know if, when we do decide, they have one already and so we would also like for the gift to be unique. People often say that some of the hardest gifts to choose are best man gifts as they are not usually family members and so you do not know what they already have and do not have.

Today though, at least choosing a gift for a best man has been made easier by the company Bullets2Bandages. Founded by two veterans in 2010, Bullets2Bandages is a company which specializes in gifts for a best man and they call their range of gifts groomsmen gifts. Available only online, there is little chance that a best man would have already have gotten one of these gift items but even if they have, as they came engraved and personalized, they certainly will not have already gotten one exactly the same. The personalization can include a name, date and occasion and so they will forever be a one-off reminder of a special day whether it is a wedding or other special occasion.

As the two veteran founders served with the naval explosives ordinance, they were both very familiar with military ammunition of all kinds and it is this knowledge that they put to use whilst designing these gifts. All the gifts are in some way related or reminders of military ammunition of one sort or another and often are actually made from used ammunition. Examples of this are their good selling, popular 50mm bottle openers and their o.50 caliber coasters. Due to the nature of the designs, many of these gifts become future talking points on many occasions and so are well appreciated by the recipients.

Although designed specifically for men and so originally only coming in masculine colours such as silver black or OD green, due to repeated requests the company also started to provide them in pink, making them more appropriate as gifts for women, perhaps bridesmaids at the same wedding. They of course also make great gifts on father’s day when they are equally well received. More recently the company has received requests from bars and clubs for similar items for use in bars and in response to these demands, they now also make pint glasses, beer trays and even beer tap handles, all with the similar theme of military ammunition and all that can still be personalized, perhaps this time with the name of the bar or club.

As veterans the founders wanted to help other veterans and so decided that a percentage of the cost of the gifts will be for donations to veteran’s organizations and veteran’s charities which means, when you buy one of these gifts, regardless of who it may be for, you will also be contributing something to a veteran’s organization which they too will appreciate.